Sportpályaborítás Sportpályaborítás

Exterior trim


Multifunctional coverings for sports facilities make this a healthier playground, because there is no dust, relieves the load on limbs, joints. This multifunctional coverings are suitable for the children's playgrounds and sports fields. No special maintenance required.

Tennis courts

For the tennis courts is best to use artificial grass. These trails exist with different lengths of grass. Depending on the length the grass is field with sand.

Football courts

In football mainly used artificial grass of 5-6 CM. Between the profession grass are rubber wood and sand.  Lately instead rubber and is placed freshly ground. 

Athletic tracks

From the same raw materials from which we are preparing the ground for a multifunctional ball games, we are producing athletic tracks only from different particle sizes and the appropriate thickness. 

Ball games

On multitude of sports courts are playing different ball games. Beginning with the small football games, Handball Basketball. In such cases is set multifunctional trim.