Sportpályaborítás Sportpályaborítás

Indoor coverages

For indoor sports field it is desirable to use other than trim which we were used for outdoor playgrounds. With the respect of external trim we don’t need to worry about sun protection, but they should be aware of noise protection.

One good inner lining:

- Our materials are easy to clean and maintain, the entire surface is elastic, if prepared for the terrain for ball games, dance, gymnastics, ballet.

Multifunctional inner lining

We are used to get to a room dealing with multiple sports. The same ground or the same sports hall, provide options for several kinds of sports activities. In these cases we suggest flooring with a multifunctional coating. (HERE COMES INTO ACCOUNT REGUGYM TRIM) The advantage of these is that the product will arrive wrapped in this design AS Purchaser ordered, and without the help of the huge machine, is easily installed in the space provided. These floors are so well done that the manufacturer guarantees that the quality of these carpets are same at every 2cm. 

Before setting up the final cladding on the ground it lays the basic surface quality that matches Most Played Sports. They are made in different colors, and can easily be identified field.

Tennis and other ball games

Of all the sports, the most attractive games with ball. Because they can be played individually or in groups, they are very popular in children. Suitable surfaces make these sports are very favored.

Fitness rooms

For fitness rooms we need completely different flooring, it’s a very flexible trim.